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Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project

Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project is a partnership between the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the KCMO School District, and other organizations. This project utilizes campus greenhouses at East High School to launch an aquaponics program an initiative that will provide fresh food to the community, education, and hands-on learning for students. Through common goals, partnerships and innovative thinking, all involved in this effort are chipping away at the problems of urban food deserts, compromised educational systems, crime and a lack of jobs. This project will feed people nourishing foods while nurturing their souls through a new connection to food, agriculture, and aquaponics.

Green Acres develops solutions to address urban agriculture challenges and provides donor-funded training for emerging farmers on efficient organic cultivation and produce distribution. The organization works to develop urban organic markets and micro-cooperatives with a focus on organically developed solutions and acts as the distributor of harvested produce. Green Acres cultivates a farm that supplies vegetables, to illustrate the value of nutrient-dense organically grown produce.

Learn more: https://www.gogreenacreskc.org/

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1924 Van Brunt Blvd
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